Realization of the transfer note

  • The scan component transfers PDF/A files or image data to the SecArchive client
  • The transfer note can be placed visibly into the PDF or can be “invisibly” attached as meta data. It corresponds to a signature with extensible “attributes”
  • According to the BSI (German federal office for IT security) the transfer note should contain:
    • Manufacturer of the scan product
    • Technical and organizational environment of the document entry process
    • Possible anomalies during the scan process
    • Time of entry andnd 
    • Result of quality assurance

(Reference: Bundesministerium des Innern: Organisationskonzept elektronische Verwaltungsarbeit, S. 22 [Stand: 2014])

Experts agree that the transfer note as well as the created document should be protected by an electronic signature.
According to the BSI appropriate cryptographic mechanisms (e.g. electronic signatures) should be used in case of a high / very high need for protection of the integrity. (Reference: Bundesministerium des Innern: Organisationskonzept elektronische Verwaltungsarbeit [Stand: 2014], S. 23)

Substitute scanning and signing (e-record)