SecSign Portal

SecSign Portal provides the user with secure messaging and file sharing in one single application
If offers highest security for access and data together with high usability and confidentiality.
The performant and easy-to-use web interface is optimized for all common web browsers as well as for mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) and supports ideally the private and professional use of the cloud.
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Signatur Portal

You want to sign documents digitally, invite external participants and create complex workflows? Read more about our Signature Portal

The  basis of SecSign Portal is represented by the highly secure user authentication via smartphone (SecSign ID), which protects the user data against unauthorized access.

The protection of confidential data against attacks and intrusions is highly guaranteed by SecSign Portal. With a strong protection against attacks and intrusions you can use the Portal to administer data and to share the data with trustworthy third parties.

Short feature overview:

  • Store, file and send files with a size of up to 5 GB.
  • Always keep an overview and total control over releases and granted rights.
  • Grant your business partners fast access to selected and defined data and remove access at any time.

Data security

Central element of the SecSign ID Portal is complete data security. All data and messages are transmitted in encrypted form and are stored on receipt (encrypted in blocks) on server side in the database in encrypted form. At no time the data are transmitted in unencrypted form or exist in unencrypted form in the database. This guarantees highest data security and confidentiality in terms of data protection.


Protection of the Portal server

The Portal server is – like the SecSign ID server – protected by multiple firewalls.

Additionally, the software solution SecRouter is used on server side as reverse proxy. SecRouter takes care of the management and routing of authenticated SSL sessions towards the SecSign ID server.

By using a web application firewall and SecRouter and by the exclusive use of prepared stamens we protect the Portal against attack scenarios like SQL injections, OS injections, etc.

In order to make attacks via flooding and DDoS difficult, we use successive delay.

In general, all access is carried out via HTTPS. Client and server verify all certificates. Furthermore, all documents and messages are stored on server side in encrypted form (AES256)

Six-eyes principle

Multiple encryptions for the used server keys provide high protection. Distributed secrets require at least three trustworthy administrators already for starting the Portal server. By this we eliminate the danger that individuals can endanger security and confidentiality of the data.This equally applies to on-premise solutions.

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We will be happy to advise on the implementation of SecSign Portal Server in your company.

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