What is the difference between TR RESISCAN and scanning and signing in conformity with the law according to SGB IV

SGB IV (4. book social security statute book (common regulations for social insurance) regulates document storage in conformity with the law. This requires: Permanent data and image carriers for electronic storage of documents in written form, verification and confirmation of the match of original and scan, immutability of the scanned documents and a qualified, permanently verifiable signature (according to Signatures Act) of the scanned document.

BSI´s technical directive RESISCAN 03138 picks up on legal regulations like readability, match (integrity) of the scanned document as well as immutability of the data by using electronic signatures including long-time archiving. It names concretely the necessary steps for organization and technical requirements on substitute scanning in authorities (see Component scan procedure)

For inspections by external, independent authorities it is necessary that the separate steps of the scan procedure are also comprehensible for outsiders. Quality assurance includes the attachment of a transfer note (stating when the document was scanned and by whom), confirmation of the match of scan and original as well as recording of conspicuous issues during the scan process, etc.

TR RESISCAN provides conditions for the realization of legal requirements on scanning and signing in conformity with the law.


Substitute scanning and signing (e-records)