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SecArchive – Qualified electronic signatures in the scanning process

On this page we explain the most important aspects regarding substitute scanning and signing, e.g. how you can transfer your analog paper documents into digital documents which are in conformity with the law and what you have to consider for this.
First we  give a definition of the most important terms in the field “Substitute scanning in conformity with the law”. At the end of the page we explain the appropriate product SecArchive with its technical specifications, respectively features.


Procedure – signatures in the scanning process

In order to realize substitute scanning which is in conformity with the law and to get closer to the dream of a paperless office, you require qualified electronic signatures. You can realize this with us as your strong partner as summarized below:


Automated transfer of the documents from scanning to the signature components


Visual control in the trusted viewer (sampling inspection) of the SecArchive client during the signing process (verification of conformity: Is the scanned document a true representation of the original?)


Generation of the signed document (by integration of the signature into the file or with separate file and PKC7 file = attaching a transfer note)


Sending the signature to the SecPKI server or the signed file


Verification of the user (certificates) and the user´s rights by the SecPKI server


Verification of the signature´s validity by the SecPKI server


Storage of signatures and time stamps in the hash tree / long-term archive by the SecPKI server. This guarantees the validity of the signatures also in the future (legal requirements for guarantees often clearly exceed a ten year period)


That´s it! With this procedure you created and secured a legally binding document which is protected by a digital signature


We recommend to use SecArchive Client and SecPKI server for substitute scanning as SecSigner cannot realize the above mentioned scenario alone due to the missing server component. Furthermore, the viewer in SecSigner is not optimized for scanned documents.


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