Encryption provides a high degree of security and can be embedded in several ways.



Encryption on client side

Our product SecSigner enables you, as end user program, to encrypt any document or file locally on your computer. For this purpose you can, for example, use your encryption certificate of your signature card.

However, SecSigner can also be used locally for the encryption of files or documents without local installation of the end user program. In this case you need the SecSigner applet. This way does not require any manual software installation, as the application is directly loaded via the internet and can be executed in the browser / Java plugin.


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End-to-end encryption with smart card / signature card

With an end-to-end encryption the data are encrypted on the sender´s side and only decrypted after the transmission on the recipient´s side. Thus, it can be guaranteed that these data cannot be intercepted in plain text during transfer.

For realizing an end-to-end encryption we offer you two options. One would be that you realize an end-to-end encryption of your workflow by using the SecSigner applet. Numerous options exist for this scenario. If you are interested in this solution, please contact us and describe the desired use scenario. We will be happy to help you to find the ideal way for the implementation.

If you do not wish to implement the solution yourself and do not want to deal with the complex environment, you can use our SecSign Portal server. SecSign Portal provides you and your users with highly secure, encrypted file sharing and messaging.


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End-to-end encryption with software certificate

A mobile signature: The web application sends the data which must be signed to the mobile device of the creator of the signature who then signs the data on the mobile device. The data are then transmitted again to the web application.

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Email encryption on server side

The SecPKI server receives emails via an SMTP port directly from standard email clients like Thunderbird or Microsoft Oulook or from an ERP software, e.g. for signing invoices. The selection of the emails which should be encrypted and of the certificates of the recipients is defined with configurable rules, e.g. depending on the recipient´s email address.


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Automated encryption on server side of controlled directories

The SecPKI server controls configurable directories and encrypts files stored in these directories. Different recipient certificates can be indicated per directory. During the verification of the signatures the SecPKI server detects encrypted files and decrypts them automatically, if the required signature card, respectively the software certificate, is available to the SecPKI server.


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Installable platform for encrypted file protection and file sharing

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