General Questions

What is the difference between the paid and free SecSigner versions?
How can I sign with my identity card?
I already use SecSigner. How do I get software updates?
How can I integrate SecSigner into other applications?
Which domains do you have to activate on the router so that SecSigner can run?
I would like to use the encryption function of SecSigner to encrypt files and folders.
How does the collection of time stamps work?
I am having problems connecting SecSigner to my card reader. What is the reason?

PDF Signatures

How can I set up and create a PAdES signature?
How can I create a PAdES signature?
How can I make the signature visible in the PDF document?
I want to create an XAdES signature, but - although it was signed a second time - I still see only one signature.
A document is supposed to be signed with both a detached signature and a simple signature visible on the PDF.
Can I sign a document that already contains a third-party qualified signature?
What does the process of digitally signing a PDF document with SecSigner look like?
Wie kann ich eine Signatur im Format p7m oder p7s erstellen?
How can I change the default format from PDF signature to PKCS7?
When checking signatures via an Adobe reader, I receive an error message
Can multiple documents be signed in a batch??

Signature Images

How can I set the position of the signature?
How can I include the company in the signature annotation?
I would like to remove the display of the middle name
I would like to have the company logo in the signature and replace the SecCommerce logo with it. Is that possible?
How can I change the font size in the visible signature annotation?
How can I display the time in the signature annotation?
How can I set the background to be transparent?
How can I use a specific company logo with SecSigner?
Is it possible to customise SecSigner so that all employees can use the same file without having to change the file for each employee individually?

Signing without a signature card

Can I also sign without a signature card?
Where can I get a software certificate or a signature card / card reader for the electronic signature?
How do I sign with a software certificate in SecSigner?
Are there other ways to sign without a card reader and signature card?