Secure in your own cloud – Get started

Your own cloud service

Companies often use cloud service for internal and external collaboration

Although this is useful, it can also cause problems with regard to security of confidential business data with which third parties are trusted in the hope that the service will take care of secure transmission and storage of the data. Most people have therefore an uneasy feeling, especially when you consider that the server of the provider is not necessarily located in the territory of European data protection.

With SecSign Portal by SecCommerce you can now use your own cloud service which is operated by yourself. All data is protected from unauthorized access by a next-generation two-factor authentication, either by using a smartphone or a smart card.

  • Thus, attackers have no chance, for example, to break into your company accounts via brute force attacks, and to steal important company or customer data 
  • All data are encrypted at any time during transport and storage
  • The Portal can be operated by using various encryption configurations
  • You will be supported by an installation client for the installation of the Portal
  • You can also use SecSign Portal with your own URL and company logo and thus, for example, integrate it easily into your own website



Signature and encryption

Another special feature is the native SecSign Portal client. The client enables you to sign and/or encrypt each uploaded file. The recipient can decrypt the received file without any complex configuration and verify your signature. The integrated SecPKI server takes care of the distribution of the required public keys in an automated way.

By this you can realize a true end-to-end encryption without having to confront your user with things like key exchange or anything else.