Realizing workflows and approvals in electronic forms by using multiple signatures

Multiple signatures are used – among other things – for electronic public procurement or electronic forms. With multiple signatures it is possible to have a PDF file or a web form signed by several people, e.g. in order to make sure that two or more individuals processed or acknowledged different parts of the document.



This way you can guarantee several things at once: Firstly, it can be clearly identified and verified which part of the document has been edited, and secondly, the multiple signature can demonstrate the four-eyes principle.

By this you can prove (legally secure) that a document was acknowledged and signed by two or more individuals.

Furthermore, it can be exactly verified when and by whom a document was signed in a specific processing step. This prevents subsequent manipulations.

This way you can realize and secure traceably a complete “chain of authorization” for your company.

Controllability by assignment of permission and long-term archive

If for these concepts a central ID server is used as well, it will be guaranteed via digital signatures and rights and role concepts of the ID server and the signature server that only authorized individuals were able to sign a certain document at a defined point of time. By verifying the signature with the signature server and the construction of a long-term archive (hash tree) it is also guaranteed that the signature is valid.


You want to realize a workflow which considers the above mentioned scenario partly or even completely? Please contact us and describe the required purpose. We will be happy to provide our support.

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