SecSigner Server is a utility program for:
  • Automatic generation of qualified electronic signatures for invoices, credit notes and other electronic documents
  • Automatic encryption of files


SecSignerServer controls configurable incoming directories in a file system. As soon as files are stored at that place by a program, SecSignServer automatically signs, respectively encrypts them. The user defines in the configuration file, whether files in a certain directory should be signed and/or encrypted. After the process has been completed, the created signatures, respectively the encrypted files and the original files are moved to configurable outgoing directories.


Mass signatures

The signatures are generated with any number of signature cards and/or software certificates. The signature cards should be suitable for mass signature in order to sign any number of documents with only one PIN entry .

Signatures can be created in the following formats: 

  • CMS (PKCS#7) SignedData
  • integrated in PDF documents


Invoice signature according to §14 UStG (German Value Added Tax Act)

With the qualified electronic signing of outgoing invoices you have the option to perform invoicing fully electronically and in conformity with §14 UStG and to waive the mailing of paper invoices. The integration into existing systems is usually realizable with little effort. You can add the function of the qualified electronic signature to your existing solution for sending invoices on server side by integrating SecSignerServer into the workflow of billing and invoice mailing.

The recipient can verify the invoice signature, for example, with the free SecSigner on our website. It is not necessary (but possible) that the recipient of the invoice installs SecSigner on the own computer.


After the generation of signatures SecSignerServer will encrypt files, in case a recipient´s certificate is configured for the respective directory.


SecPKI Server

All functions of SecSignerServer are also included in SecPKI-Server. Furthermore, SecPKI-Server provides significantly more options and can, for example, as SMTP Proxy, sign and encrypt documents in emails.

We will be happy to advise on the implementation of electronic signatures in your company.

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