SecCardAdmin is an installable application for the administration of signature cards. With SecCardAdmin the initial PIN of the signature card can be set (Zero-PIN procedure) or changed (Transport-PIN procedure, PIN letter) and can thus release the signature card for its further use. Furthermore, the existing PIN can be changed for any number of times with SecCardAdmin. The certificates stored in the signature card can be read, viewed and saved as file.


SecCardAdmin features

  • easy local installation
  • Automatic identification of card readers
  • Automatic identification of signature cards
  • Supporting a variety of common card readers and signature cards (among them all familiar German signature cards and card readers)
  • Release of the signature card (setting the initial PIN)
    • Zero-PIN procedure
    • Transport-PIN procedure (PIN letter)

  • Change of the PIN
  • Support of the secure PIN entry with suitable card readers and signature cards
  • Reading, display and storage of certificates
  • Decryption of T-TeleSec attribute certificates
  • Request of the certificate´s status (OCSP) at the trust center (if offered by the trust center)


Customers can find all downloads in the customer area

SecCardAdmin for Windows (End user)

Desktop Installation Setup exe (Signature .pkcs7)
SecCardAdmin Windows (Setup exe)

SecCardAdmin for Windows (End user) MSI installer

Desktop Installation MSI installer (Signature .pkcs7)
SecCardAdmin Windows (MSI installer)

SecCardAdmin for Mac OS X (End user)

Desktop Installation
SecCardAdmin Mac OS X

SecCardAdmin old version until Java 8

For users utilizing an old Java version until v8 and who don’t have the ability to install local application
SecCardAdmin old version


SecPKI Server

All functions of SecSignerServer are also included in SecPKI-Server. Furthermore, SecPKI-Server provides significantly more options and can, for example, as SMTP Proxy, sign and encrypt documents in emails.

We will be happy to advise on the implementation of electronic signatures in your company.

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