Supported signature cards

With SecSigner BR Edition:

Please note: These cards are technically supported. Please find out which card is suitable for your specific use case.

Questions about the supported cards or card readers?

Card readers

Below please find a list of supported card readers. For the creation of qualified signatures with server solutions (e.g. for the automated signature of outgoing invoices) you need special card readers. In case of any questions or problems please contact our support.


  • Reiner SCT cyberJack® RFID Komfort
  • Reiner SCT cyberJack® RFID Standard
  • Reiner SCT cyberJack® wave
  • Reiner SCT cyberJack® one
  • Cherry Smart Terminal ST-2100
  • Cherry KC 1000 SC-Z
  • Cherry KC 1000 SC
  • Healthcare card terminals connected to a gematik specification connector

Client Systems

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • More on request

Server Systems

  • Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Other Java-capable systems

Operating system versions are only supported as long as the manufacturer’s general support is running.


Generally recommended

  • Oracle LTS Version 19c and later
  • PostrgeSQL Version 12 and later
  • SQL Server Version 2019 and later
  • DB2 Version 11.5 and later

For smaller installations and tests

  • Derby
  • MySQL Version 8.0 and later

More on request