You want to check the status of your private pension account? You want to know the expected pension amount at the end of your working life? You want to know about possible gaps in your pension insurance which should be urgently clarified?

Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund (German pension insurance) offers a direct online access to the own pension account – for example, in order to request reliable planning data for additional private retirement provision. This is made possible with a signature card which provides high security for data protection.


Business procedures  which are compliant with the Signatures Act and online services for citizens are nowadays crucial targets for public institutions

Under the leadership of Deutsche Rentenversicherung Rheinland German pension insurance institutes use customer portals with Deutsche Rentenversicherung which provide the insured people with online access to their private insurance data by using common signature cards.The core components of this solution are centrally operated at the facilities of Deutsche Rentenversicherung. Digital signature as well as an authentication based on signature cards is a highly secure basis in order to make online transactions fast and effective. Under the leadership of IBM the eService was implemented with SecCommerce products using a multi-tier architecture which provides a user management based on certificates with single sign-on features for various use scenarios and platforms. Flexible integration of Domino, Websphere as well as host-based solutions enable quick implementation of external and internal business processes which are compliant with the Signatures Act.


The institutes of Deutsche Rentenversicherung were honored for this project in the course of the third eGovernment competition: ‚The national rollout of the described solution promises enormous savings potentials. The transferability to other fields of the electronic business communication of authorities seems to be  remarkably high.‘

Press review

‚Another showcase which is pointing the way in many respects appears nearly altruistic: The eService of Deutsche Rentenversicherung. Insured parties can use this service in order to request information on their pension or invoices, make appointments with the information centers or change address information and bank details. In order to use the eService, signature card and card reader are required. The German pension insurance supports various cards like D-TRUST-Car 2.x by D-TRUST,  S-Card by savings banks, Signtrust signature card by Deutsche Post (including Datev- and BNotK-cards), NetKey 3.0 signature card by T-TeleSec, TCQSign-card by TC Trustcenter, employee identity cards by Volkswagen or Siemens and many more. By using the obligatory signature all procedures could basically be processed online .‘

Zeitschrift c’t 8/2004

Use scenario:

  • A customer of Deutsche Rentenversicherung receives a signature card from the trust center
  • The customer should be able to use the signature card in order to apply via a website and with digital signature (initial logon and registration)
  • After registration the certificates are clearly assigned (either fully automated or manually by administration) to a unique pension insurance number
  • After successful assignment the customer can access the own insurance data online and with a secure authentication through another website of the pension insurance institute
  • For every access (just once per session for all servers = Single Sign-On) to the online data the validity of the certificate is verified online at the trust center
  • The customer can now review online the own pension insurance account and carry out other business transactions online

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