Authentication Options
in the Signature Portal

From secure two-factor authentication to
enterprise login or single sign on (SSO)


You control the strength of the access protection. You define which authentication applies, e.g. only one email link, password login, two- Factor- Authentication. The signature portal provides you with complete role and rights management to individually manage visibility and access.


  • SSO - e.g. Azure AD or ADFS and SAML
  • Connect Active Directory, Azure AD, ADFS and much more via the server's dashboard in just a few minutes
  • Complete identity and access management with groups, fine-grained rights and multi-client capability
  • Two-factor authentication: From modern smartphone app (SecSign ID) to FIDO, biometric authentication, OTP mail, SMS or token

Authentication internal/external

Internal and external signature portal users can authenticate at two points:

  • When accessing the signature portal or a file to be signed
  • When creating a signature

Use directory services such as Active Directory and Azure for login - how can users authenticate themselves?

EEither directly through the integrated identity management system / directory service or through a connected external system such as Active Directory, LDAP, Azure AD, ADFS, SAML, oAuth, etc.


In addition to the normal authentication based on user name and password, it may be desirable to additionally secure the login or signature release with two-factor authentication. The signature portal can offer different two-factor authentications.:

Why does authentication play a particularly important role in the context of signatures?

First of all, you have to understand that you as a customer do not always have influence on the choice of authentication, even with an on-premise server. For example, when it comes to the qualified signature, in most cases the trust center / validated trust service decides which two-factor authentication is provided to you for the approval/confirmation of the qualified signature.

For basic signatures as well as for advanced signatures, you as the server owner can control how and when and for which action you use which strength of authentication. This is important because you can increase the non-repudiation of the signature by a clever combination of authentication (especially two-factor authentication) and signature.

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